Editorial Process

EDITORIAL PROCESS: Once a pitch is accepted, a due date will be set, usually about one month away. Upon submission, first-round edits (including adding title and pull quotes) are made in track changes and queries will be sent to writers to address within a week, on average. If no major revision is necessary, the edited review is copy edited to conform to our house style (basically Chicago Manual of Style). Once the issue is laid out, writers see their pieces for a final review and to ensure that no errors were introduced during production. Editors have final cut.

PAY: $100 per book review, $50 per poem, essays and reported pieces are negotiated on an individual basis with fee commensurate to experience and the demands of the piece (anywhere from $250 to $2500, or more). We do not offer kill fees.

DUTY TO PUBLISH: If we haven’t worked with you before, we reserve the right to assign on spec.

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