LIBER: A Feminist Review


LIBER is a print and online magazine dedicated to the discussion of feminist writing, culture, theory, and history.

  • LIBER is quarterly in print, and online all the time
  • LIBER is a Latin word which means both book and free
  • LIBER builds on the history of feminism and feminist publishing
  • LIBER acknowledges our feminist present while recontextualizing the past
  • LIBER defines feminism broadly, with the aim of representing the tangle of perspectives, priorities, and entry points that characterize modern feminist theory and practice


Editor: Jennifer Baumgardner

Senior Editor: Charis Caputo

Poetry Editor: Katha Pollitt

Art Director: Drew Stevens

Editorial Assistant: Alex Purdy

Copy Editors: Julia Ringo and Naomi Huffman, Hagfish editorial studio

Designer: Mayra Tuncel

Social Media: Lir Yucel

Web: Debbie Stoller

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