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LIBER is a broadly feminist publication that welcomes timely reviews and essays on forthcoming books of all genres. Our interest is in feminist theory, culture, history, and publishing, though we welcome submissions that use a feminist lens to analyze works that are not explicitly feminist. Although primarily a review, we also publish poetry, comics, personal or hybrid essays, photo essays, and long-form reported features on topics related to feminist history and publishing. Reviews can vary in length, from 1,000 to 2,000 words. Average length for a feature is 2,000 to 4,000 words.

WE REVIEW: Nonfiction, fiction, and academic books of interest to a feminist audience or classroom.

PITCHING: Please pitch us three to four months ahead of the book’s publication date. We will occasionally assign an already published book for review if its significance warrants the coverage. To pitch a review, send a brief proposal to info.liberreview@gmail.com. Your pitch should include the book’s (forthcoming) publication date, publisher, and author, as well as a brief description of your angle and your case for its significance. Ideally, the piece functions as both review and an entry point to explore larger issues within feminism and culture. To pitch film, television, and art reviews, essays, and long-form reportage, provide clips in addition to angle and why you’re the one to write it.

PLEASE DON’T PITCH reviews of books written by friends, teachers, or close colleagues. We are unlikely to review self-published or hybrid-published books.

PITCHES THAT STAND OUT display expertise and a unique take, have a sense of humor, and are well-versed in feminism (its principles, history, theory, debates).


Send 5-10 of your best unpublished poems to Katha Pollitt at katha.pollitt@gmail.com.

Fees: We pay $100 per book review and $50 per poem upon publication. Payment for features is $100-$300, depending on the length and complexity of the piece.

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