On the Cover

“March for Women’s Lives — Washington D.C.”

Twenty years ago, the US Supreme Court was poised to consider Planned Parenthood of Southeastern PA v. Casey, and abortion rights advocates feared that the newly minted conservative majority would endorse a slew of restrictions (like parental consent and waiting periods) or even overturn Roe. On April 5, 1992, the recently formed Women’s Action Coalition (WAC) and Guerilla Girls (an anonymous street art collective formed in 1984 to disrupt sexism and racism in the art world) joined between 500,000 (according to the D.C. police) and 750,000 people (according to NOW) to rally in support of abortion rights. Photographer Teri Slotkin, an early member of WAC, covered this and “most of the high energy, smart, creative actions we staged.”

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